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This is Sarutahiko Coffee.
Thank you for always using our official app.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our users as some of the information regarding the points and ranking system may be misleading.
It's been about a year since the app was released, and we've recently received a lot of inquiries saying, "I've earned points, but I can't move up to the next rank."
We would like to explain the points and rank system once again, so please take the time to read it.

*Please refer to the point card section of the app*

1.About point types

There are three types of points: points eligible for ranking, points not eligible for ranking, and cumulative points.
(A) Ranking points: Points acquired within one year based on the day before the rank judgment date (end of each month) *Points for determining the rank for August 2023 are from July 31, 2022 Acquisitions until July 30, 2023
(B) Points not eligible for ranking: Points acquired more than one year ago, based on the day before the rank judgment date (end of each month)
(C) Total points: Total points of the above two types

[Specific example of when the rank does not increase after using the app for more than 1 year]
Phenomenon: As of 2023/08/01, Mr. Yamada's total points were 30P, but
The rank was "Initiate", not "Gold". *Gold rank is 30P~199P
Cause: The reason you did not rank up from "Initiate" to "Gold" is due to the time when you acquired the points.
① Mr. Yamada obtained 20P on 2022/07/20. →(B): Points not eligible for ranking ② Mr. Yamada acquired 10P on 2023/07/05. →(A): Rank target points ③ Mr. Yamada has acquired a total of 30P by 2023/07/30. →(C): Cumulative points ⇒ Ranking points are points that have been acquired within one year.
In the above example, points acquired from 2022/07/31 to 2023/07/30 are eligible.
Therefore, only the 10P obtained in ② will be eligible for rank, and the 20P obtained in ① will not be eligible for ranking, so the rank will not be increased to "Gold".

2.About the points displayed on the point card

"Points" on the point card screen displays the cumulative points.
Of these cumulative points, points that have been acquired for more than one year will not be ranked.

3.About the number of points to the next rank

There is a statement on the point card screen that says "Next rank, points left~~~P".
This "Ato~~P" is calculated based on the points that are subject to rank determination.
The number of points required for the next rank up is displayed as of the 1st of each month.
This will be updated monthly.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who regularly use the app.
We are currently adjusting the schedule for renovations, including amending the wording to make it easier for everyone to understand.
We appreciate your patience for a while.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
I kindly thank you.

Sarutahiko Coffee