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About points and ranks

By accumulating points and ranking up, you can receive discount coupons, etc. 100 yen (excluding tax) = 1 point (for all products)
・Discounts cannot be made using points. ・It will return to 0 after one year has passed since the last acquisition.

*Basically, retrofitting is not possible.
→If you wish, please send [barcode number (member ID) and purchase receipt] to the address below.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
*Coupons can be redeemed in advance at the store.
*Service content may be changed or abolished without notice.
*It may take some time to deliver the original goods if the expected quantity is exceeded.
*Currently, points cannot be awarded on the EC site. (Scheduled to be renewed in March 2023)

About the current stamp card

・For the blue 8-square card, 1 stamp can be used as a discount of 50 yen. ・For the white Mameya card, 1 stamp can be used as a discount of 100 yen. ・Both cards have an expiration date of 3 months. Please note that ( until the end of December 2022 )

About coupons and rank benefits

Types of coupons ■ Coupons delivered every month (coupon content changes depending on rank.)
■ Coupons delivered irregularly → Coupons based on the number of visits to the store and purchase history, birthday coupons, and coupons based on the cumulative number of points

■Ranking up benefits → Once you rank up, you will receive discount coupons and original goods!
・Gold: 50% OFF coupon x 2 ・Core: Original coffee can (app members only)
・Homie: Original dripper [drippen]
・Crack: Original goods [Mug (planned)] *Scheduled to be manufactured around summer 2023 ・Representative: Original goods (currently manufacturing confirmation...Please wait!)

About rank (2023.02~)

・Initiate: 0-30 points ・Gold: 30-199 points ・Core: 200-499 points ・Homie: 500-999 points ・Crack: 1000-1799 points ・Representative: 1800-points