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[About points and ranks]

If you accumulate points and rank up, you will receive discount coupons etc. according to your rank.
・100 yen (excluding tax) = 1 point (for all products)
・Discounts cannot be made using points. ・The value will return to 0 after one year has passed since the last acquisition. ・Cannot be added later. ・Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. ・Store coupons must be redeemed in advance at the store.
・Please enter the coupon code on the online site. ・Service contents are subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice. ・Original goods limited to members using the store may be delivered in the event that the amount exceeds the expected quantity. Delivery may take some time depending on your schedule.・You will be able to view points on the online site from your account around summer.
・The old stamp card will expire at the end of December 2022. (Please note that this service is currently unavailable.)

[About coupons and rank benefits]

Types of coupons ■ Coupons delivered every month (coupon content changes depending on rank.)
■ Coupons delivered irregularly → Coupons based on the number of store visits and purchase history, birthday coupons, coupons according to the cumulative number of points ■ Rank-up benefits
→Only once when you rank up, we will give you a special coupon and original goods to members who visit our store!

*Discounts with coupons apply to the products listed on the menu.

About rank (2023.02~)
・Initiate: 0-30 points ・Gold: 30-199 points ・Core: 200-499 points ・Homie: 500-999 points ・Crack: 1000-1799 points ・Representative: 1800-points

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