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Thank you for using Sarutahiko Coffee Online Shop.

Sarutahiko Coffee's bean bags have been renewed.

In the new coffee bean bag,
Each brand has a story that is like a scene from a movie.
The design is inspired by this.

Based on Sarutahiko Coffee's signature color, Sarutahiko Blue,
The image of each taste and the thoughts put into it,
Expressed in a pop and glamorous way.

At Sarutahiko French, the monk boy who appears in the movie "The Name of the Rose"
The idea is to drink coffee in your later years while remembering the only woman you ever loved.
It is dark-roasted but somehow pale, representing a single rose quietly blooming and decaying.

In addition, the new bean bag uses a new technology called "TiMELESS®" that allows gas to be degassed without the need for a plastic valve.
With TiMELESS®, the "fine channels" installed in the seal part of the packaging film allow
Gases generated from roasted beans are released into the atmosphere,
The bag is designed to prevent oxygen from the atmosphere from entering the bag.
Reducing environmental impact by using less plastic than before,
It is now possible to maintain even higher levels of freshness of coffee beans.

Please pick it up and enjoy the new bean bag.

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