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Seasonal Limited "Autumn Leaves Blend"


Autumn is almost here, and winter is coming soon, but have you changed your wardrobe yet? 🧥
There are some hot days this fall, but let's be careful about changes in temperature and approach the fall in good health and with a good appetite 😊

Today, we will be introducing the “Nishikishu Dyed Blend” which is appearing for the first time this year☕
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【Sales period】
2023/10/24 (Tue) - 2023/11/20 (Mon)
【Selling price】
Coffee beans (100g) ¥1,100 (tax included)
Drip bag (5P) ¥1,100 (tax included)
[Drink price]
Drip coffee HOT/ICED ¥630 (tax included)

The English name of the Kinshu Dyed Blend is ``Autumn Leaves Blend,'' and it has a very emotional and deep impression.

Just like that impression, you can enjoy the impression of sweet and refreshing blood orange and smooth maple syrup 🍊🍁

While looking at the autumn sunshine and autumn leaves. After a meal enjoying the flavors of autumn. A companion for reading.

Please enjoy this seasonal limited blend that lets you enjoy the richness of autumn!

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