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Recently, the heat has eased and the days have been pleasant!
As someone who was born in autumn, I can't hide my joy at the days when the temperature drops below 30 degrees.

Today, we will be introducing the most popular drinks that will be available every fall starting on September 26th (Tuesday) , which everyone who is eager to enjoy the flavors of autumn will definitely fall in love with!
🎃Pumpkin and chestnut latte🌰
🌰Chestnut pumpkin milk🎃

The pumpkin series is changing little by little, but this year I added chestnuts🌰

In previous years, “Pumpkin! pumpkin! ”, but this year we are delivering “Pumpkin! chestnut! ” It appeared with the momentum 👀
The sweetness of pumpkin and the aroma of chestnuts combine to create a drink to enjoy autumn to the fullest🍁

And what! The latte is served topped with cassis sauce and crushed biscuits!

The refreshing sourness of the cassis and the gentle spice aroma of the biscuits bring out the flavor of pumpkin and the crunchy texture of chestnuts, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors in one bite 🌰🎃

By the way, my recommendation is chestnut pumpkin milk, which allows you to taste the ingredients more clearly.

Please enjoy the combination of pumpkin and chestnut, the representative taste of autumn✨

See you soon for the next drink introduction!

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