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The season for new gelate has arrived.

What will appear this time is white peach jasmine gelatte🍑
New sweets starting on 6/27 (Tuesday) !

This sweet is characterized by the contrast of pink and white.
It looks cute, but in reality, there are a lot of special points in every detail👀

Special points ①
The bottom layer of peach jelly uses domestic white peaches, and the top layer is topped with white peach pulp!
When I hear about white peach, I feel luxurious and happy✨

Special point ②
Actually, for the whipped part of this middle layer, we use yogurt whipped cream to really bring out the refreshing taste🐄
They decided to use it because the sourness of yogurt goes well with the sweetness of peach and the freshness of jasmine.

Special point ③
The jasmine jelly topped on top is scented with actual jasmine tea leaves, so it has a wonderful aroma.
I think those who like jasmine will definitely like it 😀

Well, it's been a long time, but this gelate is scheduled to be sold until the end of August, except for some stores 🌞

Please enjoy the outstanding combination of white peach, jasmine, and yogurt!

*Scheduled to be available at locations other than Musashikosugi store, ecute Shinagawa store, and Kanagawa Prefectural Library store.

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