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[Introducing seasonal flavors] Lemon Cream Gelatte!


This time we will be introducing gelattes whose taste changes with the change of seasons✨

The word "gelatte" is not very familiar, but

It's actually a coined word from Sarutahiko Coffee!

It will be a new sensation latte that is a combination of jelly and cafe latte 🌞

Currently on sale is Lemon Cream Gelatte!

On sale until June 19th 🍋

This product is made up of 4 layers, and you can enjoy it by breaking down the jelly and whipped layers!

Rosemary is used in the first layer of lemon jelly, and mint is used in the fourth layer of lemon jelly to create a refreshing feeling 🍋🌿

In fact, you can take gelato home with you!

Although it comes with a lid, you can enjoy it at home, so how about making it as a dessert at home?

Be sure to try this gelatte, which has a beautiful translucent feel and a refreshing feel that makes you feel like early summer!

Some are also posted on SNS 👇

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Look forward to next time!

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