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Lately, I've been spending more and more comfortable time, and I've been wanting something to put on.
As someone who loves fall and winter, I'm excited about the arrival of the season where hot coffee is delicious☕

Today, we are announcing the return of the popular drink recommended by everyone who loves fall and winter!

🍇Red grape flavored raw caramel latte☕ (HOT / ICED)

*Sales period: 10/31 (Tue) ~ 12/4 (Mon)
*Sales stores: All stores except Annex Mameya and Shinagawa

Did you know that until a few years ago, we were selling pear-flavored fresh caramel lattes in the spring and summer, and red grape-flavored lattes in the fall and winter? 👀
Last year we delivered a very rich version, but this year we have finished it with red grape flavor✨

Actually, this drink is a rare combination of 🍇Fruit x Caramel x Coffee☕!
The moment you put it in your mouth, the sweetness of the caramel and the bitterness of the coffee are followed by the fruitiness of the red grapes 🏃🏻🍇

If you order a hot caramel latte, the barista might draw you a pale purple latte art...?💜🌷🌿🦢
Please enjoy the caramel latte that has been very popular for a long time 👍

There's only a few days left this year, but next time we'll have a special Christmas drink...! 🎄
Please keep your head up and wait 😊

See you soon for the next drink introduction!

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