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Seasonal limited "rich hot chocolat"


It's been a few weeks since 2024, how are you doing?
My goal this year is to find sweets that go well with coffee and enjoy the pairing✨
By combining it with sweets, you can experience a coffee that is a little different than usual, so we recommend it 👀

This time, we will be introducing a seasonal drink featuring chocolate that goes perfectly with coffee!

🍫Rich hot chocolate☕
Espresso available / No espresso *Short size only, HOT only *Sold at all stores except Mameya and Shinagawa only from 1/16 (Tuesday) to 2/14 (Wednesday)

This time, we have two types available: ``with espresso'' and ``without espresso'' 🍫☕
"With espresso" has a bitter taste and allows you to feel the richness and aroma of cacao 🍫☕
``No espresso'' allows you to enjoy the natural aroma and sweetness of dark chocolate, as well as the fruit hidden inside🍫🍊

Also, as you can see in the photo, this drink uses orange, yuzu, raspberry, and cinnamon 🍊
By combining dark chocolate with fruits and cinnamon, we create a drink with a rich and mature taste.

Sarutahiko Coffee presents to everyone this Valentine's season,
Rich Hot Chocolat” is a seasonal drink that will warm you up with just one drink.

My recommendation is to change to oat milk, which brings out the orange scent🤫

Please come and feel the fruit hidden inside the chocolate 👀

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