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A refreshing drink that is very popular every year is now available!


The season has finally arrived.

This drink made with lemon is popular every year!

This year,
✨Lemon Americano✨
🍋Lemon squash🍋
Two types are now available!

The sale period is from 5/16 to 6/26 !

Last year, it appeared under the name "Lemon Coffee," but this year we changed the name to give it a more mature taste.

Continuing from last year, the lemon Americano is as refreshing as it is ✨

And lemon squash, a secret menu item that was secretly popular among the staff🍋

The Lemon Americano uses Sarutahiko Coffee's light roasted espresso blend "Tokyo'till Infinity", and the combination of lemon and coffee is addictive✨

Lemon squash is truly simple is best. It is characterized by strong carbonation and lemon refreshingness that will blow away the heat 🍋

(*Photo shows lemon Americano)

Just a little bit of behind-the-scenes information!

The lemon and coffee drink that has become a staple every summer may look the same every year, but the recipe actually changes little by little! !

As I mentioned earlier, I use a light roasted espresso blend "Tokyo'till Infinity" for my lemon Americano...

Oh my god! I am adjusting the recipe to suit this espresso!

I heard that espresso, lemon, and carbonation have been adjusted many times over the past few months to make sure they compliment each other!

It's fun to watch the barista's skills as they create drinks one after another, but it's even more interesting to learn about the behind-the-scenes stories behind the creation of each drink!

I hope to continue to provide information on drinks in this way✨

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Look forward to the next seasonal drink!

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