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8/24(木)『 猿田彦珈琲 渋谷 道玄坂通』ついにOPEN!

A new commercial facility will open on Dogenzaka Dori in Shibuya on Thursday, August 24th.
On the 1st floor of "Shibuya Dogenzaka-dori",
"Sarutahiko Coffee Shibuya Dogenzaka Dori" will open.

While being in Shibuya, an exciting city where various people come and go,
You can forget about the hustle and bustle outside while drinking coffee.
We aimed for a store with a calm and dignified atmosphere.
At the entrance of the store, we want people to feel free to sit down and enjoy their coffee.
We have tatami seats available.

"SHIBUYA Blend" is also sold as an original blend limited to stores,
For the first 2,000 people who order drinks,
We will also have a special project where we will give away one SHIBUYA drip bag.

In addition, new bean bags that have been renewed into eco-packaged ones,
Pre-release of new drink “Green Apple and Herb Coffee Jelly Soda/Green Apple and Herb Soda”
We will also be selling the extremely popular Wasanbon Milk Soft Ice Cream, which was only available at the Sendai and Kichijoji stores.

If you are in the area, please come to "Sarutahiko Coffee Shibuya Dogenzaka-dori".

◾️Sarutahiko Coffee Shibuya Dogenzaka Dori

Address: 1st floor, Dogenzaka-dori, 2-25-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 7:30-22:00 (*13:00-22:00 on Thursday, August 24th)
Regular holidays: Irregular holidays
Number of seats: Approximately 40 seats (including tatami seats)

*Since Dogenzaka Dori is expected to be crowded on the opening day, numbered tickets will be distributed.
Please enter from the designated entrance.
Please follow the instructions of the guide.
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