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The rainy season has begun, and it's starting to feel like a hot and humid summer...
Please take care of your health as the seasons change 🥵

Well, today we will be introducing a new drink that will be released on June 27th (Tuesday) and is perfect for the hot and humid summer!

There are 3 types of drinks we will be introducing this time!
🌴Tropical Espresso Soda & Americano🌴
🍹Tropical soda🍹

We offer 3 types in total: 2 types of tropical drinks with espresso and 1 type of tropical soda without coffee!
It's a name that makes you think of a tropical beach just by hearing the name.

This drink is a luxurious drink that uses plenty of exotic fruits 👀
We use standard fruits such as banana 🍌 mango 🥭 as well as rare fruits such as guava and lime , so you can enjoy the fruity and sweetness of tropical fruits 🌞

When making the recipe, it was said that it was very difficult to adjust the amount of fruit to add.
It seems that if it's too refreshing or too fruity, it won't go well with the coffee, so the recipe is the result of the production team's efforts.

Please enjoy the combination of Tokyo Till Infinity's gorgeous flavor and the sweetness of tropical fruits 🌴

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