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If you would like to pack a single item in a gift box,
You can add it in your shopping cart.

Gift boxes are available in Sarutahiko Coffee's original design for "regular use" and plain "for mourning and memorial services". Please use it according to your purpose.

How to order a gift box

1. Add the desired product to your cart.
2. Select the type of gift box/noshi from "Select gift wrapping/noshi" in the cart.
3. Enter the desired product to be put in the gift box and click "Confirm".

*If you would like to receive multiple gifts with different contents, please do as many as 2 and 3.
*If you wish to purchase multiple gifts with the same content, please change the quantity in the cart after 3 "Confirm".
*We will choose the size of the gift box according to the product you ordered.

Entry example in the remarks column [Entry example]
・Daikichi blend drip bag 1 pack ・neo Sarutahiko French coffee beans 100g
・1 bottle of sugar-free/liquid iced coffee

About Noshi

・Noshi is available only in strips of paper.
We have prepared "Naiho", "Thank You", and "Congratulations" for the noshi.
If you wish to have other writing or name engraving, please select "Other" and enter the desired characters in the remarks column within 10 characters.
[Description example]
"Midsummer gift Hikotaro Saruta"

About the original design gift paper bag

・If you choose gift wrapping in a gift set product or card, a carrying bag for gifts will be attached according to the number of gift boxes.
・We do not provide carry-on bags (free of charge).
・Original paper bags for gifts are sold separately (for a fee). If you wish, please purchase from the product page.

▶ Click here to purchase the original design gift paper bag

Gifts for funerals and Buddhist memorial services

For memorial services, equinoctial equinox, mourning visits, etc., we have simple gift boxes for mourning.

・If you order a gift set, if you choose "Will" or "Gotomo" for Noshi, we will change it to a single color gift box and deliver it.
・If you would like other funeral gifts, please select "Other" and fill in the remarks column.
・In the case of a single product assortment of condolence/memorial gift, please select "For condolence/memorial use" in the "Select Gift Wrapping / Noshi" in the cart.

■About handbag When you order a gift box/gift, we will attach a single-color handbag made of craft material for handing over as a set.

■Regarding Noshi for funerals ・Noshi is available only for strips of paper.
・If you wish to use Noshi, please be sure to fill in the contents of "front writing" and "name" in the remarks column (within 10 characters).

[Description example]
Noshi name engraving "Will Sarutahiko Taro"