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Bread from Sarutahiko Coffee's bakery brand "-OQUINHO-Oquinho".

"Honest fragrant bread" brings out the flavor and taste of the ingredients, so you can enjoy it as it is.

* Cool delivery (frozen) will be shipped the next week after ordering .

About 13 types of wheat flour from Japan and overseas are blended in an original way. We mainly use millet sugar for sugar and natural Okinawan salt for salt.

The amount of yeast is reduced as much as possible so that the smell of yeast is not bothersome, and three types of homemade yeast are used to create a three-dimensional effect and depth of taste. It brings out the original flavor and depth.

No additives, preservatives, or artificial chemical seasonings are used in the dough, so you can enjoy it safely and securely.

We are conscious of reducing the number of ingredients related to allergic items as much as possible so that people of a wide range of generations can enjoy it.

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