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Recently, the humidity and heat typical of summer have been on the rise, but before you know it, August is already over🌞
Today, we are introducing a new drink that is essential to survive the summer heat!

This time we will be introducing these two types of drinks!
🍏Green apple and herb coffee jelly soda☕
🌿Green apple and herb soda🍏
*Pre-sales start from August 24th only at Shibuya/Dogenzaka-dori store. Sales start from August 29th at all stores (excluding Shinagawa and Ikebukuro POPUP).

This time, both are refreshing drinks made with green apples and herbs, but each has its own characteristics 😊
By using green apple, which has a refreshing sour taste, and herbs with a fresh and refreshing scent, such as lemongrass and lemon verbena, the overall refreshing feeling of the drink is enhanced!

Coffee jelly soda is actually a new form of gelatte!
By combining Colombian cold brew iced coffee and coffee jelly with the sweetness of juicy fruits and green fruits and herbs, you can enjoy the smooth texture and refreshing sweetness at the same time.

The other soda combines a sauce made from green apples and herbs with carbonated water to bring out the flavor of the ingredients more clearly🍏
You can enjoy green apples and herbs along with the bursting carbonation, making this a cup we highly recommend for those who like simple flavors 😊

Please try this new drink with an addictive combination of green apple and herbs!

See you next time!

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