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NEW OPEN !!「猿田彦珈琲 吉祥寺 井の頭公園前店」

“Sarutahiko Coffee Kichijoji Inokashira Koen-mae store” will open from July 26, 2023,
Every Monday and Tuesday, the cafe brand ``SACHIOPIA COFFEE'' of ``Coffee Rumba Sachio Hiraoka'', a comedian affiliated with Shochiku Entertainment, who participates in Sarutahiko Coffee as a PR, will open in place of Sarutahiko Coffee.

Business days
Wednesday - Sunday Sarutahiko Coffee

business hours

With Sarutahiko and SACHIOPIA
A fun atmosphere unique to a team of comedians
Enjoy it with SACHIOPIA COFFEE original blend/menu.

In addition, this is the first limited menu for Sarutahiko Coffee.
Wasanbon Milk soft serve ice cream with a cute round shape,
A collaboration sandwich with Mr. Koenig, ``Jumbon Fromage,'' will also be available.
Please enjoy the limited time "Inoko Blend" together with a walk in Inokashira Park.

Sarutahiko Coffee, together with those who come to SACHIOPIA COFFEE and Inokashira Park, as well as people from the neighborhood,
We will create a new coffee experience as if you were working in a drawing room.
Please enjoy the new challenge of sharing stores.

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