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Sarutahiko coffee online shop.
Two weeks after the renewal opening, we have received patronage from the old site.
Members, thank you very much to everyone who came for the first time.

〇 Request for address reception setting

If you continue to use your gmail address or carrier address from the old site, you may not receive emails from our shop.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could set your settings to receive emails from .

〇 About e-mail magazine registration

Former members will also need to register for the mail magazine again.

Once you have logged out, there is an address entry field for e-mail magazine registration at the bottom of the member information entry of address and password.

Thank you very much for setting it up there.

〇 About receipt output

If you register your receipt, you can check it from [My Account] and save the data.
You can also change the address by yourself, so please use it.
(Please note that it will not be issued before payment is completed.)

〇 Precautions at the time of payment

If you pay with Amazonpay, please set the [delivery address] and [billing address] to the same, and let us know the correct delivery address in the remarks column of our shop or by email. Thank you very much.

Due to the specifications of Amazonpay, the shipping address is the billing address.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.

〇 Precautions when gifting

If our shop is a [gift set], it will be a set product that includes a box and a carrying bag. Therefore, please note that wrapping costs will be added if gift settings are made in the cart other than on the product page.

If you want to give a single item as a gift, please set it in the cart, and if you have multiple items, please indicate the items to be included in the remarks column.

There are many parts where the specifications have changed from before, and I think that you may be confused at first, but I will give you information little by little, so thank you for your kind support.

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