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猿田彦珈琲の春メニューが登場!「お花香る いちごのカフェラテ/いちごミルク、いちごのミルフィーユジェラッテ」

"Flower Fragrant Strawberry Cafe Latte / Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Millefeuille Gelato"

Sarutahiko Coffee's popular flower and strawberry cafe latte is back again this year!

 The combination of sweet and sour strawberries and a syrup made with four types of flowers: hibiscus, elderflower, lavender, and rose petals makes this drink just like spring.

This year, in order to bring out the fragrance of flowers and the taste of strawberries even more, the strawberry sauce has been made richer, and the flower syrup has been upgraded to bring out the aroma. Last year, I used whipped cream to create a POP version, but this year, I used less sweetness to create a good balance between the gorgeous aroma and coffee, adding a little bit of an adult atmosphere!

Strawberry milk without espresso is also full of happiness in early spring, so please try it.

Flower-scented strawberry latte (hot/ice)

Base price: ¥680 (tax included/inside), ¥668 (tax included/takeout)

Flower Strawberry Milk (Hot/Iced)

Base price : ¥630 ( tax included / inside ) , ¥618 ( tax included / takeaway )

Sales stores: All Sarutahiko Coffee stores

*Excluding Mameya Bekkan, Okinyo Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro POPUP

In addition, the "new gelato" released at the same time is full of strawberries!

Vanilla milk pudding and fruity strawberry sauce are layered on top of the sour strawberry jelly!

In addition, topped with custard cream, fragrant caramelized pie dough and almonds, I made a gelato that looks like a mille-feuille!

You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the crunchy texture of pie and almonds at the same time, making you feel luxurious. Paired with fragrant coffee, it's perfect for the spring mood! You can also take it home, so please use it when you take a walk.

Strawberry Millefeuille Gelato

Base price: ¥600 (tax included/in-store), ¥589 (tax included/takeaway)
Sales store: Some Sarutahiko Coffee stores

*Excluding Musashi Kosugi Store, Yokohama National Library Store, Okinyo Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro POPUP

Sales period: February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 17, 2023 (Monday)

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