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Seasonal Limited "Berry Berry Custard Latte"


It's been winter lately🥶
The city is steadily turning into Christmas colors, but are you ready for Christmas? 👀
The season is full of lively events such as fun parties and year-end parties, but let's welcome the end of the year while relaxing both body and mind!

Today, we are introducing the seasonal drinks that everyone has been waiting for this holiday season.

🍓Berry custard latte🎁

* Pre-sale begins at D-LIFEPLACE Sapporo from 11/23
*Sales start at all stores from 12/5 ( excluding Shinagawa/Annex Mameya)

This drink is a cafe latte made with three types of berries: strawberry, raspberry, and red currant, and topped with custard whip and berry sauce.
As the name suggests, it's a very special drink 🍓

It has a strong berry flavor, but if you drink it with custard whip in your mouth, you can enjoy the richer sweetness😊

Berry custard latte that adds glamor to your holiday season🍓
Please enjoy!

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