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How to Brew

How to make a delicious brew

① Tear off
Cut out the perforation at the top of the bag along the arrow.
Tear the perforation on the upper part of the pouch and remove.

②Open / Open carefully
Spread the left and right hooks and push the top inside.
Pull out both handles and push the top edge inward,
being careful not to spill the ground coffee.

③Hang tightly
Spread out the hooks so that the bag's spout is the largest, and hook it to the cup in three places.
(Please warm the cup beforehand.)
Hang it in your cup, so that the mouth of the pouch is wide open.
(Warm up your cup beforehand.)

④Pour slowly
Pour boiling water (approximately 200ml) little by little until the cup is full,
After that, let it soak for 20 seconds and then slowly remove it from the cup.
Slowly pour boiling water (about 200ml) until your cup fills up, steep for 20 seconds,
and remove from the cup.

After extraction, pinch the hook part of the bag, cut off the drippings, and throw it away.
Please use sugar and milk according to your preference.
Squeeze the coffee bag using the handles to drain it well before throwing away.
Add sugar and/or milk as desired.

Remove the coffee bag from the bag and place it in a cup.
Take the coffee bag out and place it in a cup.

② Steep
Pour hot water into the cup (180-200ml) and wait 2-4 minutes.
Pour hot water (180-200ml) into the cup and wait for 2-4 minutes.

Move it up and down in the cup ( 20 to 30 times ) ,
Remove the coffee bag when it reaches your desired strength.
Dunk the bag 20-30 times and remove when the coffee reaches your desired strength.

You can also enjoy cold brewed coffee.

① Preparation
Place a coffee bag in a glass or bottle and pour water (200ml) over it to mix the coffee and water.
Place a coffee bag in a glass or bottle and pour water (200ml) over it and blend the water and coffee.

② Soak
Put glasses and bottles in the fridge. (You can also make it at room temperature)
Put the glass or bottle in the refrigerator. (Can also be made at room temperature.)

③ Completion / Enjoy
After one night, remove the coffee bag and it's done.
Add ice to your liking and enjoy.
Leave overnight, then remove the coffee bag.
Add ice if desired and enjoy.

The approximate extraction time is 6 to 8 hours. Please adjust as you like.
Suggested extraction time is 6-8 hours. Adjust the time to your preference.