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Seasonal limited "Amazake Milky Latte"


Christmas is finally over, and the feeling of the end of the year is in the air 🎍
There are many events during New Year's Day, such as New Year's sale and hatsumode, so please stop by the store when you go out 😊

This time we will be introducing seasonal drinks that you will want to drink during the New Year!

🌾Koji rice sweet sake milky latte🐮

Sweet Sake! ? This may be the case for many people, but don't worry!
This drink does not contain alcohol or coffee, so it can be enjoyed by children and people who are avoiding caffeine.

Made with amazake made from rice malt, this smooth and naturally sweet drink is topped with fragrant yuzu sauce and gold powder, making it a gorgeous drink suitable for New Year's celebrations.

We also have a limited quantity of gold powder toppings, so please come and have a drink when you go out for New Year's visit or New Year's sale 👀

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