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best selling product ranking 2023


Based on a customer survey conducted through the app and email newsletter at the end of November,
We will announce the popular ranking of products sold at Sarutahiko Coffee! 👑

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we have achieved a very nice ranking ✨
Thank you very much to everyone who helped us!

Products sold at Sarutahiko Coffee,
It is divided into three categories: drip bag section, coffee bean section, and liquid product section.
We will be announcing 3 popular products in each category!

We will introduce very popular standard products and secretly popular products, so
I hope you will use it as a reference for your future shopping 😊

~Introduction of the department~
[ Drip bag category ]

Drip coffee, which can be easily enjoyed by simply placing it in a cup and adding hot water, is a standard retail product.

[ Coffee bean section ]

Sarutahiko Coffee's specialty coffee is We offer carefully selected blends and fragrant single origins.

[ Liquid product department ]

It is a product that can be recommended to a wide range of customers, as it is easy to use and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways.

From here, we will introduce the most popular products in each category.
We will introduce the rankings from 1st to 3rd place!

[Drip bag category]
1st place👑
Daikichi blend drip bag

Among the many types, the most popular one was the Daikichi Blend Drip Bag !
With its auspicious name and impressive "Sarutahiko Blue" packaging, it is a standard item that is recommended as a gift or souvenir.

2nd place👑
seasonal blend drip bag

The second most popular item was the seasonal limited blend!
In line with the New Year's " Otoshidama Blend " and seasonal events,
Every month we have a blend that is only available at that time of year 😊
The roaster's special flavors created with the seasons in mind,
This is an attractive product with limited packaging that would make a great gift.

3rd place 👑
Sarutahiko French coffee bag

The third most popular item was the classic " Sarutahiko French Coffee Bag "!

This product, which has been a signature blend since the company's founding, is available as a "coffee bag."
Just put the bag in a mug, pour 180ml of hot water, and wait for about 4 minutes.
You can easily enjoy authentic coffee.

In addition, `` Michihiraki Blend '', which is also selected as a gift for weddings and celebrations,
There are many attractive products in drip bags, such as " decaf " with 99% less caffeine 😊
It is perfect for gift items such as gift sets , so
Please try it!

[Coffee bean section]
1st place👑
[Dark roast] Sarutahiko French

The most popular dish was [Dark Roasted] Sarutahiko French !
Sarutahiko Coffee's idea of ​​the ideal dark roasted coffee,
Through trial and error, we aimed to create the " best everyday cup " that you can drink every day .
Sarutahiko Coffee's proud dark roast blend.

2nd place
[Dark roast] Daikichi blend

The second most popular was the [Dark Roasted] Daikichi Blend !
This blend, which ranked first in drip bags, This is a standard blend that aims to create a coffee that is round in texture, easy to drink, and that everyone will find just right.

3rd place
[Shallow roast] Single origin

The third most popular was the light roasted single origin !
Single origin, which changes several types every month,
We are particular about roasting according to the variety, so you can enjoy the unique flavor.
There are some rare varieties that are hard to find, so be sure to check out our online shop.

*The photo shows coffee from Yemen.

Another product that received positive feedback was Sarutahiko Coffee's decaffeinated coffee.
The chocolate flavor with nuts and dried fruits is impressive.
The caffeine removal rate is over 99%, so please enjoy the deliciousness that is gentle on your body and doesn't seem like decaf.

[Liquid product department]
1st place👑
Under cafe au lait

The most popular one was under cafe au lait !
There are three types: unsweetened , sweetened , and decaf , so you can choose according to your recipient and preferences.
The recommended ratio of this product to drink with milk is 1:4 (cafe au lait: milk)!
Please find your favorite proportions and recipes✨

*From left: decaf , sweetened , unsweetened

2nd place
liquid iced coffee

The second most popular item was the summer limited liquid iced coffee!
Our liquid iced coffee, which is sold in 1L paper cartons, has been well received every year.
Please try this dark roasted iced coffee that will wake you up!
( *As it is limited to summer, it is not on sale as of December 2023 )

3rd place crushed coffee jelly

The third most popular item was crushed coffee jelly !
This product is the result of extensive research by Sarutahiko Coffee.
A wide variety of arrangements are attractive, such as mixing it with milk or putting it on top of ice cream.

In addition, `` Sadahiko Coffee's Cafe au Lait Source '' and `` Sadahiko Coffee's Coffee Jelly '' are 500ml products that are sold all year round.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "Lion Standing in the Wind Fund", a public interest incorporated association founded by singer-songwriter Masashi Sada.
Be sure to check out this product, which also has the aspect of being a "charity product."

Here are the announcements of popular products in each category!
Were your favorite products ranked? 😊

When you are confused about shopping, we hope you will refer to this ranking!

All of the products introduced this time can be purchased from the page below.
Please take a look!

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